Settle | Diary

Can the whole month be a favorite? If so that’s what October was for me. It started with a trip to San Francisco, celebrated our 1st year anniversary, regained inspiration, decorated our apartment (which is still a work in progress), and started a new job.

If theres such a thing as a feeling of relief in settling into yourself I definitely felt that more than once this month. Coming to terms with our routine as husband and wife and what I want to work towards. Also accepting the things I cannot change and working on the things I can. It’s these kind of feelings that change with the season.

Quite often in our car rides home I ask Peter, “is this really our life?” Because I’m thankful for the blessings and struggles we have. In the end they both have a positive effect on me. Not that I’m the most positive person, but I pray to be.

Goodbye October, hello November!

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