At A Slower Pace | Diary

I guess when you get older you learn to take things at a slower pace, you learn to cherish moments and relationships more (especially with your parents), and you learn to accept the timing of your life. However slow I may be going creatively I still have that hope that I'm getting somewhere. I took my thoughts back to paper, glue and tape instead of copy and paste, and painted with an actual brush that didn't require a mouse. It felt nice to get away from the pressures of social media but I also found myself missing sharing the things and places I loved and being a part of a community that did the same. So I'm here to find that middle ground and give myself another chance to document the adventures of Denny & Peter, decorating our home sweet loft, and whatever my artsy fartsy heart thinks is worthwhile to publish. See you around!


*hello lovely pair of eyes please give credit where credit is due. all content & photography belong to denny noelle unless stated otherwise.