Mini Anthropologie Haul | Style

There's absolutely nothing I love more than cute homeware from my favorite store Anthropologie and trying new products to better my skin.  I popped into my old store the other day and it was just filled with lovely things as always. Do you guys ever get that feeling where you get tired of everything you see in stores? Or it all just looks the same and nothing catches your eye? I get that feeling often and when I do I know its time to head back into Anthro for some inspiration.

I had been eyeing this Yesteryear Mug for a little while on the app and it actually looks quite tiny online. To my surprise it's actually not and bigger than most mugs I already have! it comes in two other cute patterns/colors but this one was my favorite. I tend to stay away from mugs with gold foil in fear of them exploding in the microwave, but I realized I never microwave my drinks lol so its all good to have this one. Just make sure you check the bottom for care instructions!

I have recently become a plant mama and have been scouring the shops for cute pots and planters. Anthro never fails on delivering cute and affordable pottery. This little pot was only $8 I love the handmade feel and floral pattern. It's a perfectly imperfect addition to our plant family. 

Skincare itself is quite intimidating when it comes to finding what will work/not work for your skin. I recently have been looking for sheet masks to try and most of them I'm iffy about and I'm also guilty about judging them by their packaging. I saw this one at Anthropologie by Kocostar for $5 and thought I'd give it a try. It's not technically a "sheet" mask it's slices of lemon concentrated in the serum but does the same job. This specific one is meant for lightening and brightening. I promise to report back with the results after I try it!

I hope you enjoyed this mini haul, You can find the link to each product in this post or to something similar from Anthropologie. Have a wonderful Thursday!


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