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Hello internet! I know it's been awhile not that anyone noticed, but April was just full of well, life. So many changes in a matter of days such as my brother moving out of country, me leaving my job at Anthropologie, and also leaving Las Vegas quite soon to head back to Fresno. Our plans for us to both transfer back here didn't work out as we thought it would, but there's always hope for next year. Anyway I couldn't leave Las Vegas without sharing my fave brunch place downtown. It's called Eat, yes Eat there! On the corner of 7th and Carson it's a tiny place well worth paying to park for (always bring quarters).

I order the same thing every single time lol (two eggs any style), but trust me everything is soooo good! Especially the pancakes yum. I also love that the sourdough bread is so thick and that they serve coffee from my other favorite place mothership!

If you're also a fan of house potatoes Eat by far has the best kind, crispy and grilled with onions ok my mouth is watering all over again just talking about this place. I would also recommend the corn beef hash which is my dad and Peter's favorite dish every time we go. I'll miss it so!

"I'll see you in the flowers."


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