The Mill | Places

Yesterday Peter and I had a mini adventure up to Sacramento, CA to visit my brother and decided to make a day of it and head downtown. Of all the coffee shops I chose to go to The Mill and loved it so. Downtown Sacramento seems like I'm in another city like Portland or New York but cozier with tree lined streets and houses full of character on every block.  It felt like the old days to be together again with these two and I wished it could last a little longer. 

I ordered my usual vanilla bean latte and enjoyed the subtle sweetness of it plus I had only two hours of sleep the night before so this was surely an afternoon pick me up. I'm also wearing Peter's jacket which has now become mine :) haha.

I appreciate a simple interior accented with wooden tables and greenery. It almost makes you feel like your at home with 20 other strangers savoring the last bits of the weekend. The Mill also serves delicious pastries and yummy looking waffles that I'm determined to try the next time we come back. 

I've also been making more of an effort to bring my camera everywhere and take pictures of anything and everything. So happy I was able to capture these moments together before my brother leaves for the Philippines.

So if you're ever in the area I highly recommend stopping by The Mill! Make sure you bring a good book or good company because I'm sure you won't want to leave either (I know I didn't). 

Here's to another coffee adventure! If you live around the Sacramento area and have any recommendations for me leave them in the comments. Happy Monday!


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