March Faves | Style

Is march really over? I feel like the past two months just sped by and left me in the dust. Nonetheless I've gathered up some favorites of mine mostly interior things that I've had my eyes on for way too long and thought I'd share just because.

1. Eyeball Sconce - Urban Outfitters
I've had it with trying to find the perfect table lamps and stumbled upon a version of these from Schoolhouse Electric except they cost an arm and a leg so these sconces from Urban Outfitters in the bronze color (although it looks like brass) will have to do. I also love that these are plug in sconces so no electric work will have to be done to install them. I'm planning to order them this week and will surely update you on the quality and actual coloration once they arrive.

I've also had it with wired bras, not to sound like I'm complaining, but they just straight up hurt! I'm also a bit chesty so I've strayed away from trying bralettes without any support scared that my boobs would just look odd. Madewell recently came out with an intimates line and I couldn't be more excited to try one out. The reviews seem to be ***** from all body types so I'm giving it a go!

This whole collection of bakeware honestly is beautiful!! For me it's one of the best floral designs I've seen in awhile and the best part is its florals and a gingham print on each piece. On this particular piece the gingham is on the side of the dish and I can't wait to make a fruit tart in this baby for Spring.

4. Ampersand Icecream - Fresno, CA
I don't even know where to begin about this cute ice cream shop. Let's just say before I tasted their ice cream I never craved ice cream ever and now I basically do everyday. They make each flavor with fresh ingredients with new flavors every month. But one of their classics is honey comb which has become my favorite and I pair it with a scoop of dark chocolate. You'll often see me there on my Instagram and I feel no shame whatsoever. 

One thing I quickly found out about being a newlywed was that the style of our bed sheets DO MATTER to both my husband and I (compromise compromise) so I've finally found us a neutral one we both agree on plus I love a good stripe!

Before I commit to a new perfume I'll often try out the mini/travel version which I quickly fell in love with when it came to the Florence scent by Tocca! Bergamot seems to be a key ingredient that I'm easily attracted to and this is mixed with violet petals and blond wood. I take this mini one with me everywhere and love the scent so much. It's a floral that is not too sweet and not too strong which is totally up my alley. 

It's really no surprise by now that I love LOVE hexagon tiles! I love that these black ones in particular look like distressed wood although they are made of porcelain. I recently saw something close maybe even the same one on an episode of Fixer Upper and knew right away I needed those in my future kitchen!

I hope you enjoyed this month's favorites! Quite curious as to what some of your favorites were this month. Let me know in the comments below and also if you fancy any of mine these particular items. Have a wonderful day!


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