Style Story | Diary

Hello hello! I've been wanting to write this post for a long time but wasn't sure how to go about it. But to put it simply, my personal style for me has changed so much in the last three months and I think I'm finally in a good place about it. Before I got married and before I moved to Fresno, you knew I loved patterns and I mean LOVED patterns like with my all my heart and soul! (I still do to an extent)

Especially working at Anthro bold prints and colors were and still are something I see on the daily and fall for instantly but not so much anymore. I started discovering that I would purchase things for the moment rather than for the long run and soon found out that it was getting harder and harder to pair these boldly printed pieces together. It took me a long time to realize the simple fact that they were cute on their own and that was that. 

Which brings us to today, half my closet is gone, I feel like I should be dressing more mature as a married woman, and my husband's "uniform" style has actually influenced my personal style to be more simple, easy, and comfortable.  I've become much more of a conscious shopper making sure that whatever piece I'm buying is something I can wear with other things I already have and that I really just want dressing up to be easy.

It really shouldn't be that hard to pick an outfit out if you love everything that's in your closet, am I right?!! Also I love feeling confident in the clothing I wear, I'm never comfortable wearing an outfit I questioned from the get go, that just makes my day feel self conscious instead of being comfortable plus we've all got other things to worry about!

So now my closet consists of subtle prints, stripes as always,  and more basic but essential items that I think every girl should have (i.e. denim jacket, leather jacket, black/blue jeans, something olive green) and any kind of variation of those items to change it up from time to time. I love rebuilding my wardrobe and seeing these pieces work together so well. I also love that my mind has one less thing to worry about and that I could just throw something on in a matter of 5-10 minutes, head out the door, and feel stylish all at the same time.

I used to tease my husband for wearing the same thing almost every other day (black tee and distressed jeans) which he called his uniform and now I'm in the middle of  finding my own kind of uniform ;) Thanks honey!


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