January Faves | Style

I can't believe its already February, but at the same time I'm so happy January is over. It was a strange month for Peter and I being apart again so we're both just trying to pass the days till we get to be together permanently. I spent most of the month reflecting on everything really,  from the way I work, shop, eat, and even the way I treat other people and myself. So I just wanted to simplify it all and I think I've gotten off to a good start. 

The first thing I made an effort to do in January was to write/send postcards and letters to past pen pals and even new ones! I personally love getting things in the mail especially letters and so I thought why don't I start again, granted that we still all talk on social media, but receiving a letter is just happy and better somehow. Hopefully I sent them to the right addresses lol, I guess I'll find out if I don't receive a response anytime soon.

My favorite Lollia handcreme from Anthropologie came in a travel size for years and I never bought it until it went on sale. I don't know why I didn't buy it sooner since it fits in all my bags and is just super cute tiny lol. I leave my regular size handcreme on my night stand now so I'm able to remember to apply it more often before bed.

I've also been working on my wardrobe a ton and I mean A TON which i'll mention in another post but another favorite of mine this month and for all time is my wedding band and this necklace. My hands and sense of self just feel way lighter wearing dainty gold rings opposed to stacking tons and tons of jewelry on my hands that make me feel uncomfortable. I smile every time I read my wedding band and just replay that whole day all over again. 

The necklace is actually something I put together. The beads came from remnants of another necklace I had that broke so I popped these two on a long chain and there you have it. I would've put more on but the chain couldn't fit through the smaller beads. 

If you know me personally, then you know that I have a hard time putting things on my face. Whether its makeup or skincare I just can't try anything I want because my face is just so sensitive and can get irritated quickly. I've seen youtubers mention Pixi a lot and I've always walked by it at Target but never tried it until now. I needed a toner to add to my skincare regime that I'm trying to build from scratch again and I love it so far! The smell at first was kind of weird but I've grown to like it and like applying it when I wake up and right before I sleep. I also would always see it run out at Target so in my mind that meant "it must be good" lol. I can definitely see a different texture in my skin and hopefully after these period breakouts it can take full effect.

We have the best playlists at work (Anthropologie) and usually if I hear a song I'll write down the lyrics and look it up when I get home. One day I heard Zoey Dechanel's voice in one of her songs called Something's Haunting You and was instantly hooked. I looked up the album and actually love every song. They just sound cheerful and witty and it became my shower playlist for the whole month of January!

I'm challenging myself to do one of these every month this year to really appreciate things and reflect and reevaluate things more often so let me know if you enjoy this kind of post and what some of your January favorites were!

*hello lovely pair of eyes please give credit where credit is due. all content & photography belong to denny noelle unless stated otherwise.