Vesta Coffee Shop | Places

I honestly just love when a new coffee shop opens up close to home! This one in particular is called Vesta Coffee Shop located in downtown Las Vegas. Experiencing a new place is always an adventure I look forward to especially when good coffee and pastries are involved.

The simplicity of their interior design mixed with little whimsical details was a perfect reflection of their coffee and food menu.  A new perspective on simple dishes and just really good coffee made so precisely. I loved the minimal/modern feel of the interior mixed with vintage artwork that had pastel paint colorblocked in each painting.

I ordered a Cortado and breakfast sandwhich which I was delightfully surprised by when I tasted the hint of maple in the bun. Abigail ordered a Latte and Everything Croissant, yes croissant not bagel and it was delicious! Did I mention that the bun was just cute and fluffy lol. 

 It has literally only been a couple of days since we first went and I can't wait to come back for more! Until our next coffee adventure..Happy New Years!

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