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Hi, for some reason I feel like this is my first time blogging. I'm taking a different approach to it and thought it would be fun. And by approach, I mean more like mindset about blogging creatively and well just about anything and everything. It's easy to think that many of you already have somewhat of an idea about who I am, but sometimes I even get confused. So I thought I'd do a Q&A just to make things a little more clear. Ok let's start:

What is your real name?
My real name is Denise Noelle Aboyo (used to be Serrano) but I've gone by Denny since I was a kid. I answer to so many weird names like Francis at work, but like Denny the most. Just seems more me even though I always introduce myself as Denise when I meet someone for the first time.

How old are you?
I'll be 25 on the 13th of May this year.

What did you go to college for?
I went to college at the Art Institute for Fashion and Business and graduated thinking I would become a print designer. I still like to design and draw but seem to love interior design more!

When did you get married? And who is your husband?
My husband's name is Peter who I was in a long distance relationship with for many years, actually met each other on Call of Duty World at War lol and we got married October 17, 2016. We're currently still temporarily long distanced as we try to put our lives together in the same state. 

Mornings or Night?
Mornings even though I have a hard time waking up. 

What's your favorite thing about blogging?
I'm actually not sure. I've been "blogging" since Xanga days as a means to just write whatever and post pictures now I can really combine the two with my creativity and love for clothing and homeware. Also I just feel great when I publish a post I worked hard on or a post that shares something I discovered with you guys even if there's not many of you to read it.

What camera do you use?
A Nikon d5000,  iPhone 7 Plus, and Nikon Fg.

How would you describe your style in one word?

What do you order at coffee shops?
I usually get a Latte of some sort at coffee shops, and an Iced Coffee sweetened with light cream at Starbucks.

Where do you like to shop the most?
Anthropologie, (that's where I work) Madewell, Target, West Elm, Antique Malls

Do you collect anything?
I have a love for antiques, stationary *don't we all*, apparently olive green jackets, and cute side plates.

What's your favorite movie of all time?
Roman Holiday

Name your three favorite brunch places in Las Vegas:
Kitchen Table
Cracked Egg


If you have any more questions, feel free to leave them down below or ask me on Instagram @dennynoelle 

*hello lovely pair of eyes please give credit where credit is due. all content & photography belong to denny noelle unless stated otherwise.