Home Is Where You Make It | Style

You know you're growing up when cups and mugs start to become something you collect. I happen to score these beautiful latte mugs and pink tinted glasses at Anthropologie during the Winter Tag Sale that is actually still going on (extra 40% off sale)! If you can believe it the latte mugs and pink glasses were less than $5 each! My only regret is not buying more when they still had them at my local Anthropologie.

In addition to the mugs they had these copper holiday candles that were also less than $10 each flavored as a holiday baked goods and I loved the snicker doodle one. These little candles make for great decor, a beautiful container to reuse afterwards and also can be used as a cookie cutter.

The last purchase which was not part of the sale but also too cute to pass up and reminded me of Peter was this Narwhal Tea towel! When Peter and I had first started dating he bought me a narwhal plush from Etsy that I still have till this day <3 I plan to hang this in our future kitchen and was sold when I looked at the very bottom and saw this quote embroidered into the towel.

"Home is where you make it."

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