Dear 2017 | Diary

It's only the first day and I can already tell you're going to be challenging. 2016 was no different filled with sacrifice and heartaches, but also wonderment and love. Our marriage was the highlight of my year/life/heart and it took a lot of work and love to get there and here we are.  Oh 2017 I hope your full of growth, resolution, and relief. I hope I make it the best year yet for my little family and for this blog. I hope I'll be able to achieve the things I've set out for myself and honestly just be okay. 

We decided to plant our roots here in Las Vegas.  Surrounding ourselves with family and friends and even that task alone will take some effort, but Peter and I know it'll be well worth the wait as everything in our relationship has always been. So to start the new year off right, I decided to really reflect and take these small pieces of wisdom along with me into 2017 with a clearer mindset, a less cluttered closet, and as always a hopeful heart.

Bits of Wisdom
  • Celebrate the small things.
  •  Love's not far.
  • Almost everything has a coupon.
  • Mind over matter.
  •  I can't do it all by myself.
  •  No such thing as a silly dream.
  •  Take things day by day.
  •  Saving > Spending
  •  Eat what you want ( but in moderation )
  •  Take care of your own heart.
  •  Invest in quality furniture 
  •  Its okay to splurge.
  •  Pray for everything.
  •  Friends are family.
  •  Love unconditionally.
  •  Buy those pair of shoes.

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