Settle | Diary

Can the whole month be a favorite? If so that’s what October was for me. It started with a trip to San Francisco, celebrated our 1st year anniversary, regained inspiration, decorated our apartment (which is still a work in progress), and started a new job.

If theres such a thing as a feeling of relief in settling into yourself I definitely felt that more than once this month. Coming to terms with our routine as husband and wife and what I want to work towards. Also accepting the things I cannot change and working on the things I can. It’s these kind of feelings that change with the season.

Quite often in our car rides home I ask Peter, “is this really our life?” Because I’m thankful for the blessings and struggles we have. In the end they both have a positive effect on me. Not that I’m the most positive person, but I pray to be.

Goodbye October, hello November!


Happy Heart | Diary

If you find the thing that makes your heart happy I think you should keep doing it (unless its something illegal/bad) haha you know what I mean. And for a while it was this blog for me and after my longggg break I'm happy to be back with a better perspective. I'm surrounded by inspiring people who have found that "thing" and it keeps me going. I want to share more on decorating our loft, illustrations, film photos, and things I genuinely love. If this is something that sounds good to you then feel free to stay for a while..

At A Slower Pace | Diary

I guess when you get older you learn to take things at a slower pace, you learn to cherish moments and relationships more (especially with your parents), and you learn to accept the timing of your life. However slow I may be going creatively I still have that hope that I'm getting somewhere. I took my thoughts back to paper, glue and tape instead of copy and paste, and painted with an actual brush that didn't require a mouse. It felt nice to get away from the pressures of social media but I also found myself missing sharing the things and places I loved and being a part of a community that did the same. So I'm here to find that middle ground and give myself another chance to document the adventures of Denny & Peter, decorating our home sweet loft, and whatever my artsy fartsy heart thinks is worthwhile to publish. See you around!


July Faves | Style

Hi hi! I'm back with another favorites for July. The past months have gone by so quickly and we've officially moved into our first apartment! That has been the highlight of my summer so far and I'm so excited to get to decorating, but I'll save that for another post.

Mini Anthropologie Haul | Style

There's absolutely nothing I love more than cute homeware from my favorite store Anthropologie and trying new products to better my skin.  I popped into my old store the other day and it was just filled with lovely things as always. Do you guys ever get that feeling where you get tired of everything you see in stores? Or it all just looks the same and nothing catches your eye? I get that feeling often and when I do I know its time to head back into Anthro for some inspiration.

I had been eyeing this Yesteryear Mug for a little while on the app and it actually looks quite tiny online. To my surprise it's actually not and bigger than most mugs I already have! it comes in two other cute patterns/colors but this one was my favorite. I tend to stay away from mugs with gold foil in fear of them exploding in the microwave, but I realized I never microwave my drinks lol so its all good to have this one. Just make sure you check the bottom for care instructions!

Eat | Places

Hello internet! I know it's been awhile not that anyone noticed, but April was just full of well, life. So many changes in a matter of days such as my brother moving out of country, me leaving my job at Anthropologie, and also leaving Las Vegas quite soon to head back to Fresno. Our plans for us to both transfer back here didn't work out as we thought it would, but there's always hope for next year. Anyway I couldn't leave Las Vegas without sharing my fave brunch place downtown. It's called Eat, yes Eat there! On the corner of 7th and Carson it's a tiny place well worth paying to park for (always bring quarters).

March Faves | Style

Is march really over? I feel like the past two months just sped by and left me in the dust. Nonetheless I've gathered up some favorites of mine mostly interior things that I've had my eyes on for way too long and thought I'd share just because.

1. Eyeball Sconce - Urban Outfitters
I've had it with trying to find the perfect table lamps and stumbled upon a version of these from Schoolhouse Electric except they cost an arm and a leg so these sconces from Urban Outfitters in the bronze color (although it looks like brass) will have to do. I also love that these are plug in sconces so no electric work will have to be done to install them. I'm planning to order them this week and will surely update you on the quality and actual coloration once they arrive.

The Mill | Places

Yesterday Peter and I had a mini adventure up to Sacramento, CA to visit my brother and decided to make a day of it and head downtown. Of all the coffee shops I chose to go to The Mill and loved it so. Downtown Sacramento seems like I'm in another city like Portland or New York but cozier with tree lined streets and houses full of character on every block.  It felt like the old days to be together again with these two and I wished it could last a little longer. 

I ordered my usual vanilla bean latte and enjoyed the subtle sweetness of it plus I had only two hours of sleep the night before so this was surely an afternoon pick me up. I'm also wearing Peter's jacket which has now become mine :) haha.

January Faves | Style

I can't believe its already February, but at the same time I'm so happy January is over. It was a strange month for Peter and I being apart again so we're both just trying to pass the days till we get to be together permanently. I spent most of the month reflecting on everything really,  from the way I work, shop, eat, and even the way I treat other people and myself. So I just wanted to simplify it all and I think I've gotten off to a good start. 

Q&A | Diary

Hi, for some reason I feel like this is my first time blogging. I'm taking a different approach to it and thought it would be fun. And by approach, I mean more like mindset about blogging creatively and well just about anything and everything. It's easy to think that many of you already have somewhat of an idea about who I am, but sometimes I even get confused. So I thought I'd do a Q&A just to make things a little more clear. Ok let's start:

What is your real name?
My real name is Denise Noelle Aboyo (used to be Serrano) but I've gone by Denny since I was a kid. I answer to so many weird names like Francis at work, but like Denny the most. Just seems more me even though I always introduce myself as Denise when I meet someone for the first time.

Home Is Where You Make It | Style

You know you're growing up when cups and mugs start to become something you collect. I happen to score these beautiful latte mugs and pink tinted glasses at Anthropologie during the Winter Tag Sale that is actually still going on (extra 40% off sale)! If you can believe it the latte mugs and pink glasses were less than $5 each! My only regret is not buying more when they still had them at my local Anthropologie.

Vesta Coffee Shop | Places

I honestly just love when a new coffee shop opens up close to home! This one in particular is called Vesta Coffee Shop located in downtown Las Vegas. Experiencing a new place is always an adventure I look forward to especially when good coffee and pastries are involved.

The simplicity of their interior design mixed with little whimsical details was a perfect reflection of their coffee and food menu.  A new perspective on simple dishes and just really good coffee made so precisely. I loved the minimal/modern feel of the interior mixed with vintage artwork that had pastel paint colorblocked in each painting.

Dear 2017 | Diary

It's only the first day and I can already tell you're going to be challenging. 2016 was no different filled with sacrifice and heartaches, but also wonderment and love. Our marriage was the highlight of my year/life/heart and it took a lot of work and love to get there and here we are.  Oh 2017 I hope your full of growth, resolution, and relief. I hope I make it the best year yet for my little family and for this blog. I hope I'll be able to achieve the things I've set out for myself and honestly just be okay. 

We decided to plant our roots here in Las Vegas.  Surrounding ourselves with family and friends and even that task alone will take some effort, but Peter and I know it'll be well worth the wait as everything in our relationship has always been. So to start the new year off right, I decided to really reflect and take these small pieces of wisdom along with me into 2017 with a clearer mindset, a less cluttered closet, and as always a hopeful heart.

Bits of Wisdom
  • Celebrate the small things.
  •  Love's not far.
  • Almost everything has a coupon.
  • Mind over matter.
  •  I can't do it all by myself.
  •  No such thing as a silly dream.
  •  Take things day by day.
  •  Saving > Spending
  •  Eat what you want ( but in moderation )
  •  Take care of your own heart.
  •  Invest in quality furniture 
  •  Its okay to splurge.
  •  Pray for everything.
  •  Friends are family.
  •  Love unconditionally.
  •  Buy those pair of shoes.

*hello lovely pair of eyes please give credit where credit is due. all content & photography belong to denny noelle unless stated otherwise.