Inspired & Terrified | Diary

Like any other twenty-something nowadays I haven't quite figured "it" out yet and by "it" I mean my life/career/heart/ everything that matters except for love (thank God for Peter). Lately I've been thinking about what genuinely makes me happy, what I see myself doing for a living that isn't just another phase or trend. And as much as I want to place myself in one category and call it a day, I just can't. 

I am a Blogger, Designer, Stylist, Illustrator, Photographer, and Maker whether I call myself one or not that doesn't change the fact that I do all of those things on a daily basis. For awhile I didn't think I was good enough to call myself any of those professions and now I know I can be them and more. 

Instagram even does this thing now where I guess if you're good enough or have enough followers they give you a label i.e. Photographer, Retail, Blogger, and so forth. What would they possibly label me as? Other than a 24 year old human trying to figure it out. And as terrifying as it all is I'm still inspired. I'm still hopeful that I'm en route to where I'm supposed to be and that my label is coming soon. Someday. 

As for now I'll still be here in my tiny corner on the internet trying to blog without a laptop, discovering Fresno with Peter, and dipping my toes into Interior Design/Styling. I'll also be revamping Denny Noelle to suit who I am now and hope that you'll still be here reading as we grow together! 

*hello lovely pair of eyes please give credit where credit is due. all content & photography belong to denny noelle unless stated otherwise.