Pre-Fall Looks | Style

Fall is right around the corner and I'm quite excited for cooler weather, layers, and everything pumpkin. But I'm most excited for dressing the part and making outfits that are functional, stylish, and comfortable all at the same time.  I incorporated a lot of my staples which I've had for quite some time that I love creating new outfits with. All of these looks also contain pieces I've been wearing all Summer long that can easily transition to the new season. 

I've forgotten how much I love styling different outfits since this Summer has been full of minimal clothing due to the heat, but I hope you were inspired in some way or another to incorporate pieces you already have into your new Fall wardrobe! I'm a bit curious to know, what are some of your Fall staples? Leave them in the comments below and what you're most looking forward to this Fall. Happy Saturday! 

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