11th Street Records | Places

One of my favorite spots in downtown is this record store on Fremont Street called 11th Street Records. Every time we're around the area we always pop in to peruse records old and new. You can bet Billie came home with me today as my first ever record. I love the sound of her voice and feel transported to a different time once her songs start to play.

Sometimes we pick random albums just because we like the album art and preview their songs on our phones. Other times we're on a mission for a specific artist as I was today which was a success obviously. It's honestly quite therapeutic to spend time looking through so many albums which are nicely organized for us (thanks guys with a tiny scanner) it means a lot to us. 

So if ever you're in town make sure to stop by for a London Fog next door at Public Us, good music, and a book store across the street for a mini adventure perfect for a rainy Thursday afternoon! Let me know in the comments below if you'd like me to feature more spots that I frequent around the Las Vegas area and I'd be happy to do so.

11th Street Records
1023 Fremont St, Las Vegas

Photographs by Abby Caligagan
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