52 Days Left | Diary

Hello there! If you're wondering, I'm still alive surviving the every day struggles of planning a Wedding. By now it's not so much "planning" anymore but rather finalizing, deadlines, and anxiousness about the big day. Two days ago Peter and I celebrated our 7 years & 2 months on the 23rd of August and we realized it would be one of our last 23rds since our wedding anniversary would now be the 17th. We just couldn't believe how much time has really gone by and the fact that we get to spend our first Fall together this year.

As ready as I am to say goodbye to the Summer heat and say hello to my leather jacket and blanket scarves I can't help but wish that time moved a little slower. I'll be experiencing many changes in the upcoming months and I'm not a 100% sure I'll be completely ready to start this new chapter in my life. Not that I'm not excited, I just like to hold on to things a bit too tightly. So I find myself hoarding memories and experiences with my parents and friends here at home before I start my new life in California.

I can't wait to be married, I can't wait to furnish our apartment, I can't wait for the adventures to come, and I can't wait to spend more time here and more time opening up shop just as I set out to do from the very start. Wish me luck!


11th Street Records | Places

One of my favorite spots in downtown is this record store on Fremont Street called 11th Street Records. Every time we're around the area we always pop in to peruse records old and new. You can bet Billie came home with me today as my first ever record. I love the sound of her voice and feel transported to a different time once her songs start to play.

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