No Chill | Style

It's really no surprise how hot its getting here in Las Vegas. Summer literally has no chill and has already reached triple digits, next week we're supposed to be reaching 117 degrees. This is usually when I become more of a homebody than I already am and stay indoors and avoid going outside at all costs. So I thought I'd illustrate some of my Summer essentials to stay cool, get my mind off of the heat, and hopefully give you some inspiration when it comes to your Summer wardrobe!

layered without layers 
That might seem strange to say, but I love a look that's layered and effortless. In this heat the less layers the better so I was inspired by these "tie-front" dresses that give the illusion that there's more to your outfit than there really is. The knot gives emphasis to your curves and actually does wonders for my waist which is usually always hidden under flowy tops.

facial sprays
I never really knew how important these were until I noticed a change in my skin once the weather changed and the air become more dry. Lately I've been spritzing the Mario Badescu rose water spray which I know isn't new to the beauty world, but certainly a new addition to my skincare. It primes, moisturizes, and keeps my skin supple and I also noticed that it has a calming affect on my skin that eliminates  the redness. There's really no limit to how much you can apply it throughout the day and fortunately it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to have an endless supply.

The Vegas sun is no joke around summer time and can be really damaging to your skin without sunblock and products that contain SPF. My moisturizer and lipsticks all contain SPF which you can apply at any time and I love how sunblock comes in an invisible spray form when you don't really want to smell like it or have that greasy feeling on your face when you're not actually sitting at a pool.

open toes
Time to put my booties away and trade them in for sandals, clogs, and espadrilles. Perfect way to keep your feet cool, show off a pedicure, and add a casual element to your outfit without having to think twice. Plus they're comfy and are great for long adventures walking downtown.

sunny accessories
Hats and sunglasses are nothing new, but also are a stylish element to your summer wardrobe as well as a protectant against the sun. I would personally go for a straw hat that can go with multiple outfits whether you're at the beach or in the city. Sunglasses nowadays have all sorts of shapes and colors and this is definitely the time to go all out and try something new that frames your face well. Just like in my May favorites, my matte pink sunnies are still my go to!

And of course what's summer without a tall cup of iced coffee with the ones you love and plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Although I still get lattes from time to time no matter how hot it is. Sometimes you still need jackets in this weather just because its boiling outside and once you get inside any place, the air conditioning is on high and chilly! Summer really is a season to prepare for that most of us dread here in Vegas, but I hope this illustration helped you in anyway possible or even put a smile on your pretty face!


*hello lovely pair of eyes please give credit where credit is due. all content & photography belong to denny noelle unless stated otherwise.