12:23PM | Diary

The beauty of being lost in my opinion is getting to be found. Sometimes even finding more of yourself than you anticipated. I find myself doing a lot of that lately in about every aspect of my life. My career, love, and even faith, but I always grow a little more each time and that in itself is enough for me to keep trying.

I start to remember things that I used to love to do and try to reincorporate that back into my usual day such as film photography. Recently one of my inspirations Bill Cunningham had passed away. I still remember scouring the New York Times to find his photographs and watching his documentary many years ago. I even hoped that I would see him bicycling somewhere in New York last summer. And hearing about his passing took me back to the days I carried my camera everywhere and I mean everywhere. Where did that part of me go?

I immediately picked up my film camera and felt so nostalgic. I enjoyed taking pictures in my most recent trip to Portland and I enjoyed posting them here like I used to. So I think I'll start again. And if you're interested I can post my favorites along with some tips about film photography and getting started. 

I usually do these little rambles on tumblr titled with a time stamp but I felt the need to share this here with all of you <3


P.S. I'm not usually this sappy.  
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