12:23PM | Diary

The beauty of being lost in my opinion is getting to be found. Sometimes even finding more of yourself than you anticipated. I find myself doing a lot of that lately in about every aspect of my life. My career, love, and even faith, but I always grow a little more each time and that in itself is enough for me to keep trying.

I start to remember things that I used to love to do and try to reincorporate that back into my usual day such as film photography. Recently one of my inspirations Bill Cunningham had passed away. I still remember scouring the New York Times to find his photographs and watching his documentary many years ago. I even hoped that I would see him bicycling somewhere in New York last summer. And hearing about his passing took me back to the days I carried my camera everywhere and I mean everywhere. Where did that part of me go?

No Chill | Style

It's really no surprise how hot its getting here in Las Vegas. Summer literally has no chill and has already reached triple digits, next week we're supposed to be reaching 117 degrees. This is usually when I become more of a homebody than I already am and stay indoors and avoid going outside at all costs. So I thought I'd illustrate some of my Summer essentials to stay cool, get my mind off of the heat, and hopefully give you some inspiration when it comes to your Summer wardrobe!

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