May Favorites | Style

I feel like I just blinked and May is already over! I've collected many favorites this month in clothing, beauty, and accessories that I wanted to share with you all. This month I turned 24 and I feel like my taste in things have become more simplistic and more about quality and design. 

My first clothing favorite is this lovely Violeta Kimono from Anthropologie! (no surprise there) I'm not sure why its taken me this long to get on the kimono wagon, but I actually avoided these for the longest time. I think its because some of them felt like they just swallowed me up and gave me no shape whatsoever, but they sure are comfortable and light weight. I couldn't resist the floral and pastel hues on this number along with the tassels hanging on the ends. I find myself pairing this with a basic tank and good pair of jeans underneath and some sandals and I'm ready to face this 100+ degree weather!

Another item of clothing I've been on the hunt for are not so basic basics if that makes any sense which totally fits the description of this   Ruffled Hem Tee also from Anthro. It doesn't look like much on the hanger but the ruffled detail takes a regular tee to the next level. The tee comes in five colors all together and I've chosen the black one and debating whether I should get it in white also! I've also paired this with jeans and patterned pencil skirts for an easy look.

Last but definitely not least of my fashion favorites this month are these AG Stevie Ankle Jeans with a raw hem! Its the perfect wash for summer and my goodness do these fit me like a glove. Pants in general are my least favorite things to try on because I can never find a pair that will accommodate my thighs and my waist until I tried these on! They are a bit pricey which has always stopped me from purchasing them before but I bit the bullet and figured that all the cheap pants I have been buying that last only for a couple months are equivalent to this one beautiful pair!

I also stumbled upon these lovely Round Keyhole Sunglasses from Loft which are the perfect blush pink color. They are my go to eye protection this summer and love how they bring a pop of color to my outfits. 

For my birthday Peter got me this beautiful half-circle ring that I love stacking with my other gold bands and definitely feel like my ring game has taken a step up. So happy its also a 14k gold fill so that my fingers don't turn green whenever my hands get wet or clammy.

When it comes to beauty products, once I find a product that works for me I stick with it. This Lollia Hand Creme in the scent Classic Petal smells wonderful and light and absorbs really well. Another staple beauty item for me is the Smith's Rosebud Salve in mint. I've been using the tin since December and have only now started to see the bottom of the tin. I apply this to my lips, cuticles, and nose during the cold season and I won't be using anything else anytime soon. 

The one scent I've been wearing more than anything this month is The Artist Studio Eau De Parfum in the scent Summer Rose. I'm just warning you now this scent is addicting! I've gotten so many compliments when I hug people or just walk by that I smell good lol. Its a light airy rose scent topped with berries and pineapples perfect summer essential to carry in my purse.  

Enamel Pins will be the death of my wallet all year long. I love how versatile they are and how they're just plain cute on denim jackets and collars. My favorite one this month is the Stay Home Club Pin from Urban Outfitters. I've always wanted a shirt from this brand and when I saw that they came out with a pin version I had to treat myself for my birthday. The other two pins were souvenirs from my trip to Portland in January. I love mixing them all together and seeing my collection grow.

My love for shoes has been ever changing and lately I just want something simple and comfortable that I can wear with formal and casual outfits. I love checking out Nordstrom Rack's shoes because they carry so many brands that I love at good prices. I purchased these Lucky Brand Wedges and love wearing them with summer dresses and bermuda shorts. If you'd like to see the video version of my faves check them out on my youtube channel!

*hello lovely pair of eyes please give credit where credit is due. all content & photography belong to denny noelle unless stated otherwise.