I Did Something | Diary

I can't hold it in or think of a clever way to tell you all that I've made a youtube channel! There I said it. Totally out of my comfort zone but I've been watching youtube videos for many years now and thought (these were my actual thoughts) "Hey I could do that too.", "Editing will be a piece of cake." but finding the courage to even post my first video made me weak at the knees. I was almost at the point where I wanted to give up because I thought I wouldn't be good enough and putting together one video with the equipment I have (iphone and outdated dslr) was just not working out. I somehow found my courage and stuck with it.  I'm also very detail oriented if you couldn't already tell,  so I didn't want to just put something half hearted out into the Youtube world or overwhelm myself. You'll get to see another side of me and some of my blog posts will come to life. I'm starting off at my own pace and creating content that I myself would want to watch, and hopefully you too.

I'll leave a link to my channel here, and you can also find a tiny youtube icon above that'll take you directly to my channel
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I also wanted to include a list of some of my favorite Youtubers lately who I admire so much and just genuinely love to watch!


If you have any youtube channel recommendations leave them in the comments below for me. I'm always looking for more people to subscribe to, have a wonderful day!

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