Cozy & Collected | Style

Hi there! Let's just say besides the wedding plans I've also been looking forward to our first apartment together and have been hoarding a bunch of home decor for our space. I've collected these pieces over the past few months and thought I would share since its been forever since I've done a homeware haul :) I must say its a different experience shopping for a space to share with your significant other, I'm constantly questioning whether things are too feminine for Peter to enjoy as well, but I think I've found a happy middle ground.  Some of these pieces he even purchased with me and it's our new favorite hobby together.

I think the look were trying to go for in our future loft, is a rustic, industrial, cozy, collective, and adventurous space in the sense of filling it with pieces from our travels and a mix of old and new. I purchased the New York City illustration from Target, the Paris Street Style coloring book from Marshalls just because, the wooden shoe form from Boys Fort in Portland, the Saga Mug from Anthropolgie which I actually use as a ring dish on my side table, and the wooden spools from Down East

We plan to have a little herb garden in our loft and came across these cute planters from Down East that had chalk labels attached so we don't forget what the heck were growing. 

One thing that makes a home even cozier is of course candles and pillows! One of my all time favorite scents from Anthropologie is the whipped cream & pear scent that I can sniff for hours and smells like something sweet is baking in the oven. The Luminous Dot Pillow is a classic pattern amplified with the gold foil which adds a pop to either your sofa or bed. I came across this little blue bird while I was in Fresno at World Market  and couldn't leave him behind.

You might be wondering what the "A" stands for and it stands for my new last name Aboyo. I plan to put this in our living room rested upon a brick wall or next to the television stand which is also from Anthropologie and it comes in two sizes! I'm a sucker for wood and saw this hanging cutting board at Home Goods which I plan to hang recipes on or rest up against a back splash in our kitchen. Most of these items if not all are still available for purchase and I will gladly link what I can find online. I hope you enjoyed this homeware haul and get inspired to refresh your home decor for Spring.

Interior design and home decor has become a big part of my interests that I hope to venture more into in the future!

*hello lovely pair of eyes please give credit where credit is due. all content & photography belong to denny noelle unless stated otherwise.