Portland Day 6 | Places

Our last day in this wonderfully weird city had arrived. After 5 days of exploration we still had a little adventure left in us. Most of our time was spent in downtown so we decided to wander around Old Town for a bit to see the Portland sign and a leather shop before we hopped on a blue line back into the city.

Our last coffee shop to visit on this trip was a little spot called Barista. They have three locations in Portland and our favorite one was the on 13th St. I tried a dark chocolate machiatto which was delicious and Abby tried the semi-sweet.

We took a window seat at the bar and enjoyed people watching and cars pass by. I thought about the entire trip and how much I would miss the culture, historic buildings, and curated shops. From Barista we were to meet Jaysen in a different part of the city to pick up our film photos we had developed the previous day at Shutter Bug.  Along the way we stumbled upon a vintage shop where we spent more than a few minutes in and loved seeing old keys, postage stamps, and random vintage pieces I wish I could've fit in my luggage. 

There was one store in particular that we also just happened to walk by that caught my eye and to my surprise it turned out to be my all time favorite shop in Portland called Porch Light.

This shop basically had everything I was looking to buy in terms of vintage pieces, home decor, stationary, and minimal jewelry. Not only did I love every item, I also loved the prices! Most of the shops we had previously gone to were a bit overpriced but this place was well worth it. Abby, Jaysen, and I ended up getting these beautifully printed posters for $5 each. Abby got a wonder camera poster, Jaysen got a bicycle diagram, and I ended up leaving with a butterfly diagram, world map, soap dish, air mail envelopes, and a tin pot that I'm currently storing paint brushes in!

I think it's taken me so long to finish posting this diary because I knew it would mean the trip was really over (even though its been like 2 weeks since we got back) but I hope you've enjoyed adventuring with me through Portland. Until next time!

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