Portland Diary - Day 4 & 5

Let's continue shall we? By Day 4 we knew our way around the city for the most part and spent most of the day revisiting places we couldn't get enough of such as Boys Fort, Blue Star Donuts, and The Ace Hotel for more photobooth pictures.

Day 5

We had crossed off most of the places we had wanted to see in Portland, except for one which was Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. We had saved this place for a whole day adventure since it was about a 20 minute drive outside of downtown. If you didn't know about this place you would never find it or it seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere near other industrial buildings and factories. It truly was a hidden gem that I learned about on Pinterest just months before and was so excited to finally see it in person.

As I grow to love interior design more and more, I couldn't help but squeal at every corner of this place that was filled with so much home decor goodness. I love comfortable spaces that are a mix of old and new that are most importantly functional.

I couldn't help but picture what Peter and I's first place would look like walking through this place and I'm hoping it would pretty much look like the entire store lol. I was picking out pieces of furniture we could get and loved how the "school" theme was everywhere as well as the outdoors. Definitely drooled over the chairs and couches like the plaid one below!

And once you were done shopping you could retreat to the entrance of the store for a latte and ponder about all the pretty things you were going to buy next.

I love you Schoolhouse Electric!

*hello lovely pair of eyes please give credit where credit is due. all content & photography belong to denny noelle unless stated otherwise.