Portland Diary - Day 3

One of the best things about Portland is that you can be in the city one moment and 20 minutes later you're surrounded by trees and rivers. On day 3 we stepped away from downtown and headed to Multnomah Falls. The drive there itself was beautiful driving along the river that separated Oregon and Washington and little fishing spots where actual swans swam about.

We walked up the trail filled with tourists just like us to reach the bridge where the mist of the waterfall was so strong and cold you could barely keep your eyes open to look at how beautiful it was.

After Multnomah we decided to head to another waterfall called Pony Tail Falls. It was a bit of a steep and narrow hike that was totally worth almost falling off the side of the mountain. I kept having to stop and take pictures of mushrooms and the view. We were able to go behind the waterfall and see it from a different perspective. I sadly ran out of colored film there so I hope this iphone photo will due. I can't even imagine how beautiful it will look during the Spring. 

We ended the day with burgers and ice cream from this cute ice cream shop called Salt & Straw. I had a Pear and Blue Cheese scoop which is totally not my cup of tea but it tasted too good to pass up, no wonder why they say Portland is weird.

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