Portland Diary - Day 2

A huge part of what made our stay wonderful was The Society Hotel. I've never been so excited to stay anywhere before and our stay there in itself was an experience we'll never forget. Located in Old Town China Town was this lovely gem we randomly found on Airbnb. What used to be a lodge house for Sailors is now four floors of interior goodness with the best staff and comfiest cafe/lobby.

Abby and I would begin and end our days here usually with a latte, chocolate croissant, and the best bagels we've ever had. From there we would take the public train to downtown for a day of adventures, walking for miles, and the sporadic rain that actually lasted more than 5 minutes unlike in Las Vegas.

Our first stop that day was The Ace Hotel. I've been wanting to visit one for awhile now in Los Angeles and New York, but never got the chance till Portland. One thing they're known for other than their beautiful interiors and Stumptown Coffee is the photobooth they have in the lobby. And it's not like the ones in the movie theaters now a days, but an actual black and white photo strip developed in 3 minutes. You can bet we took more than 1...maybe 5.

We basically walked the whole downtown that day and visited Powell's Book Store, Tender loving Empire, lunch at a grilled cheese stand, Madewell, Anthropologie, Everyday Records, and our favorite donut shop Blue Star!  

I love me some blueberry donuts and their blueberry bourbon basil donuts hit the spot! Stay tuned for Day 3.

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