Hi 2016

As much as I have spent the last couple of months looking forward to the future, I've also been looking at the past. Past Moleskines (I like to call them Moleys) and my first portfolio of work that I did for graduation.  I spent many pages on notes, illustrations, and ideas for my career. Two years later I feel like I'm in the same position but have grown somehow. I can still remember a time before this blog where I thought I couldn't do it, where it took me forever just to figure out a name and funny how it ended up being my own. And recently I've been thinking about leaving it all behind to focus on the wedding and my shop, but I have come to the conclusion that I can't. That this tiny space on the internet is my baby and I've enjoyed watching it grow post after post no matter if there was anyone there to read it and thank you to those who were.

Positivity has been my main goal for this year, and as I add another moleskine to my little library of leather bound thoughts, I'm content and excited for what's to come. Happy New Year loves, 2016 is going to be great!


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