Sure Can Babe

A question that has been on my mind lately is, "Why can't I?" Why can't I make the art that I want, Why can't I learn all the skill sets known to man, and Why can't I let myself to do so...?  I'm pretty sure it boils down to time and money, but most importantly myself. Some days I get super excited when I design or draw something and make these plans to turn it into something more. And some days I second guess myself. I end up in the same spot I was the day before and my art work sits there for my dog to admire. I appreciate it and all, but I want to share it with the world because I really feel like I have something different to offer. Not just different, but honest and true.

I've noticed this about myself not just in my career, but in my health, and fears I have yet to overcome. I can see the end results, its just the getting there that I'm having a difficult time with and it has all been in my mind. I have even found it difficult to believe in the compliments loved ones give me. I kind of feel shocked and then weird that I don't see myself the way that they do. That I don't even believe in myself as much as they do and that needs to change.

I had to write about it. I'm not sure who else feels this way, but I do on the daily. And something that crosses my mind each day and even affects the way I live must be a feeling that I have to face and get through. So where do I start? As crazy as it sounds we have an endless conversation with ourselves mentally and something that I found to help is to have an abundance of encouraging words/phrases that really push you to work. I like a little humor, simplicity, and words that just hit you straight in the heart.  

I hope that wherever you are, if ever you feel the same way I did/do, that you think of  yourself as more than the person you see in the mirror, but as your best self. That anything is possible. Even the most unreachable goals you have in your heart, you'll be able to get there and we can get there together one day at a time.


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