Layered Looks

I've been working on my fall wardrobe lately scouring "new arrivals", sorting out the old, and refining my personal style as much as possible. I've come to find that I look for these types of apparel and accessories when I get dressed in the morning to complete my outfits and accomplish a layered look. A few are statements on their own and the rest are essential to keep warm and stay cute. If my wardrobe was an emoji it would probably be the blushing one and smirk one combined, or at least that's how I feel when I look in the mirror lol. 


Sure Can Babe

A question that has been on my mind lately is, "Why can't I?" Why can't I make the art that I want, Why can't I learn all the skill sets known to man, and Why can't I let myself to do so...?  I'm pretty sure it boils down to time and money, but most importantly myself. Some days I get super excited when I design or draw something and make these plans to turn it into something more. And some days I second guess myself. I end up in the same spot I was the day before and my art work sits there for my dog to admire. I appreciate it and all, but I want to share it with the world because I really feel like I have something different to offer. Not just different, but honest and true.

I've noticed this about myself not just in my career, but in my health, and fears I have yet to overcome. I can see the end results, its just the getting there that I'm having a difficult time with and it has all been in my mind. I have even found it difficult to believe in the compliments loved ones give me. I kind of feel shocked and then weird that I don't see myself the way that they do. That I don't even believe in myself as much as they do and that needs to change.

October Favorites

Can I just say that if I could favorite a whole entire month, October would be it. This month was one of the best months of my life and I never say that. For this month's favorites I gravitated to specific products for comfort, purpose, and as always, details. It all began with that beautiful engagement ring below sitting pretty above its vintage jewelry box from Greece that I had purchased from Etsy. The ring itself is also a vintage piece my Fiance had purchased from Etsy so I thought they would go hand in hand. The jewelry box is covered in a gray leather with a white floral pattern and button closure. They were definitely meant to be <3

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