Denny & Peter

Where do I begin? Well hello, since I've last spoken to you I've recently gotten engaged <3 I promised I would share our engagement story and thought I should probably start by sharing a little bit about us and our long distance relationship. 

It's been a little over 6 and a 1/2 years for Peter and I who also goes by John (he has two first names) and it's never been easy. Long distance is one of the weirdest emotional things I have ever experienced. One week your completely happy, the other extremely lonely, and everything in between. You're constantly waiting and savoring the time you actually do get to spend together and for us it wasn't much. Other than face timing and writing letters in the mail, we would see each other about 3-4 times a year just for a week or so. It requires prayer, love, patience, loyalty, trust, and honesty, the works you usually need in a relationship amplified times a million. But despite the distance, he has always been there for me. He's the one who makes me say "I wish you were here", he makes me feel like my happiest best self, he's the one who I've slept on the phone with for 6 years, and at times I questioned my capabilities I felt his support 403 miles away. Any relationship is hard when it's worth it and lucky for me I was blessed with a guy who made being distant easier than it really is by loving me so close.


I had been so excited for this day for weeks because I was so excited to experience RiSE Festival for the first time and even more excited that I got to experience this with him by my side. I wasn't completely in the dark about getting engaged, it was something we always dreamed of and talked about of course, but I didn't know how or when he would decide to do it. That morning our close friends teased us as they do every visit looking for a ring to appear on my finger and as special as the event was going to be I honestly didn't think it would happen that night. Little did I know he and my best friend Abby had already been planning this surprisingly well. He was so calm and reserved as always and I really thought nothing of it since I kept convincing myself it wouldn't happen that night it would be too obvious. I kept picturing he would do it in a coffee shop or photo booth in private just between us, but boy was I pleasantly surprised.

We were in a bit of a rush walking to our section at RiSe in Moapa with all the traffic heading into the venue supposedly 14,000 people and 7,000 vehicles crammed into one dried river bed traffic was the least of our worries, we just wanted to be able to make it in time to get situated and be there for the first lantern launch. We actually enjoyed singing in the car (not very well anyway) but it was a time for us to feel like a real couple going to real event really next to each other. Once we picked up our lanterns and bamboo mats we got to enjoy the wonderful concert in the center of all the bustle and write what we wanted to say on our lanterns. 

I was too in awe of actually being there that at first I didn't know what to write on mine. He wouldn't let me see his so we promised to read each others right before the first launch. I ended up writing random quotes and feelings, doodles, and names of loved ones who I was thankful for on one side and on the other a letter to Peter. Once we saw everyone lighting their torches after Magic Giants final song it was almost time for the first launch. He read my letter first and Abby came running, literally glistening to make it there before I had read his. I started to read the lantern and it all became a blur until the very last sentence where he had written the big question..."Will you marry me?" below it was a box for yes and for no that I was supposed to check. By this time he had gotten down on one knee and pulled out the ring, Abby was crying more than I was taking our pictures, while everyone around us seemed to know what was going on, and me my heart was melting, I was squealing, my knees were weak and before I could say yes I just kept yelling for a pen to check the yes box! lol he then asked me "Sooo does that mean yes or no?" and I of course started yelling yes or yas I'm not sure which one haha.

We launched that lantern together and watched it float away wailing the lyrics to The Scientist by Coldplay. It was just purely a wonderful experience. It was like a dream to see thousands of lanterns soar above us all the while this bearded man beside me was now my fiance (still not used to calling him that) I still wake up surprised that I'm engaged and laugh at myself at how attached I've become to this ring, I hate leaving the house without it. We both sometimes just sit there and yell "we're engaged!" and smile at the fact that we made it, atleast to the next step anyways. Let the wedding planning begin! Thank you for all the love each and everyone of you have shown on our special day it meant more than the world to us.

-Denny & Peter

*hello lovely pair of eyes please give credit where credit is due. all content & photography belong to denny noelle unless stated otherwise.