Style Story

I was the baby dressed in florals, sailor collars, and denim overalls. As a kid I would've laughed if you described to me how I dressed now a days. I was the ultimate tom boy stuck in my denim overalls posing with peace signs and arm flexes in every picture if it wasn't for church days. Even then I'd be climbing fences in my dress and making holes in my tights as they had a knack for getting caught at the most inconvenient times during tag. I just wanted to play outside and dressing up wasn't a big deal for me then. I put on what my mama gave me and when I got to choose my own outfit it was all about comfort and pockets(not much has changed).

Sometimes We Forget

Hi again. I hate to keep doing this to you, I promise it's not on purpose that I haven't been posting as much as I'd like to. But as Summer is beginning to fade and Fall takes it's first steps forward I took August to refresh myself. Organize, prioritize, and relieve myself of this mid 20's crisis so many people around me seem to be experiencing too. The pressure of being an adult, having a career, looking for a real job (whatever that is), even the idea of marriage can sometimes be scary but it is a part of life that we just have to take day by day anyway. I've been journaling in this peach leather bound journal which has really helped my thoughts take form and is something tangible I can look back on whenever I'd like (no wifi needed).

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