July Favorites

Hi there lovely people! I'm sorry for my absence, it's been one heck of a month for me but I'm back! After some time away from this little blog, I really went back to my roots on Tumblr and have decided to shoot in 35mm Film again starting this month! My Nikon FG has always been reliable and I can't wait to show you photo diaries for the upcoming months. It has gotten quite expensive to develop now a days but that won't stop me!  Its totally worth it when I see my photos developed and I would love to share them with you too. 

I'm a little late when it comes to having a nude heel but I'm just so darn picky it was hard to find the perfect one. I found this heel at Nordstroms by BCBG and it really is my favorite nude heel. It has a slight hint of pink coloring which works well with my skin tone. The padding on the inside is lovely on my feet and toes don't feel squished! After realizing how many outfits this shoe goes with in my closet I'm not sure how I lived without one at all.

I needed a week of recovery leaving the East Coast and getting back into routine here at home. New York City stole my heart and I've been trying to get whatever I could of it back in order which brings me to my first favorite, the Subway!

I had 24 hours in New York, and this was my first time ever on the East Coast and from what I've seen from the movies and all, the Subway is supposedly a scary place. But for me I loved it! I got a hang of the routes and loved how in a matter of 10 minutes you could be in a completely different part of the city for a mere $3.00. Yes it had its smells and humidity but it was better then what I had expected. We even got to experience a singer belt her heart out on the C train which I gladly donated a dollar to, I hope you make it someday! New York in general was one of my favorites this month, I just can't get over how wonderful that city truly is. Never experienced nothing like it and I hope to come back sooner if not later in life.

While I was in Philly I visited the Anthropologie downtown and it was breath taking! It was built in a historic building that was four stories tall and every floor truly made you feel like this is what Anthropologie is all about. It made me proud to know that I was apart of this company and there really is nothing like it in the world. I decided to get a souvenir and purchased this perfume in this cute packaging entitled Fictions Eau De Parfum in the color "London". Each parfum comes in a book like box and this particular scent "She Knew He Was Forever" has hints of magnolia and green tea yum! I can't stop smelling my wrist whenever I wear it and love when hints of it travel to my nose with the wind.

July was definitely all about travel for me, preparing for my trip and actually being in the East Coast and what outfits I had to bring along. This Enna Tank I feel like was the best representation of my trip. It has vespas on it for crying out loud and to me it just screams a summer on the go. I also love how versatile it is paired with boyfriend jeans or a pencil skirt, definitely one of my favorite printed tops!

Thank you again for all the support reading my tiny blog! I'm looking forward to what August has to bring (hopefully cooler weather & leather jackets) and I hope you are too!


P.S. If you want to see more of my trip in the East Coast make sure to visit my Instagram @Olivejuice to see my adventures! 

*hello lovely pair of eyes please give credit where credit is due. all content & photography belong to denny noelle unless stated otherwise.