paper closet: chaoyi huan

Today's Paper Closet features one of my favorite bloggers Chaoyi Huan! I stumbled upon this beautiful lady's Instagram and instantly fell in love with her personal style and love for design. Make sure to check out her blog at, I literally had heart eye emojis scrolling through her feed and know you will too!

1. How would you describe your personal style?
Eclectic, colorful, and whimsical - I like to mix and match patterns and pieces that have somewhat the opposite characters.

2. Where do you draw inspiration from?  Blogs, fashion icons, movies, etc?
Anthropologie catalogs, street style and everyday style on Instagram and Pinterest, a book called Fashionable Selby, and people around me.

3. If you had to wear one pattern for the rest of your life, what would it be?
This is a hard one!  It comes down to choosing between polka dot and floral - and floral wins.

4. What made you want to switch careers and focus on design and styling?
The short answer is that I just love it too much.  When I had the chance to decide on what to study and where to go to school in my early 20s, I followed the "safer" career path in studying and working in science, and it took me a very long time to realize that it's just not for me.  It is definitely an ongoing journey of self-discovery, learning about what I like to do and what I can do.  Design and styling is something that excites me and gets me out of bed every morning, so that's when I know it's time to do it.

5. Coffee or tea?  and how do you take it?
I'm a tea drinker, but I love the smell of coffee!  I prefer both hot and pure - loose leaf green/chai tea or black coffee.


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