from great heights

I just ate ice cream in the dark before I wrote this and just wanted to get my thoughts out there. When I sit down at my little desk and start to paint these illustrations it's nice to know that these mere doodles make my heart feel so happy and light. That's all I ever wanted to feel creating prints, doing what I love, it really doesn't get better then that. It's nice to know that I can put these images I see in my mind onto paper and make something of it. Especially today's print, the infamous ladder that I used to cringe about before having to use at work to put up a display, and now I'm a pro (I like to believe that). That's exactly how I felt before creating patterns like it was something I was scared to put out there, but now I'm embracing the things I make and this is the result <3


P.S. I'll be visiting the east coast next week to celebrate my church's 101 year anniversary so stay tuned for a east coast travel diary on Instagram from yours truly! 
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