may favorites

I still can't believe that May is already over, certainly wished it lasted a while longer but nonetheless here are my May favorites this month that have really helped me transition from Spring to Summer!

Can cameras be a staple? Because I feel like everyone should have a Fuji Film Instax of some type to capture all the memory making this Summer. Of course we have our iphones and digital cameras, but this instant camera is just always more fun to snap photos and have a physical memory to look back on. I forget sometimes how fun it is to see a picture develop so I like to take this baby out and display the photos with washi tape afterwards!

I would walk pass this Swimmer Trinket Dish from Anthropologie during my shifts at work and couldn't help but fall in love with this half naked hairy man lol. He comes with a lady in a one piece and I plan to get her for Peter. They embody our goofy selves and I wouldn't mind waking up to him on my side table every morning. It's nice to finally have a place to hold my little bits that are usually scattered every where plus he puts a smile on my face.

Mint nail polishes are usually hard for me to wear because the majority of them turn out more blue then green but this specific mint by Sally Hansen is on point. Almost like a milky muted green that's perfect for Summer. It feels light and doesn't take many coats to be completely opaque like some mints do. 

I'm already a sucker for cute prints and lemon bars so this Layered Swing Tank wasn't hard to resist. I wore this top to my birthday dinner and just felt so elevated in it. The mix of prints is beautiful and reminds me of an afternoon picnic. The neckline is elegant but fun and hits below your collar bone in all the right places. 

Last but certainly not least is the Sweet Sunny Days playlist on Spotify curated by Anthropologie. You would think I would get sick of hearing these songs during my shifts but nope, they really brighten up my day. My favorite song is Darling Divine by Wild Child. I find myself shuffling this playlist in the shower, while I get ready, and sometimes right when I wake up. I suck at making my own playlists so I always turn to Spotify to discover new and old music. I hope you enjoyed my May favorites and hopefully this inspires you to surround yourself with things that make you happy and embrace the summer days!


I'd love to know your May favorites or what your plans are for Summer so feel free to leave a comment below! Thank you
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