mothership coffee roasters

Hello lovely readers, sorry for my absence from the blogging world for a bit. It was my birthday last week and I spent the whole week with Peter after not seeing each other for eight months he was the only thing I wanted to stare at lol. Plus I posted a bunch on Instagram if you were curious to see where we ventured around the city. Thank you for all the birthday greetings and gifts and most especially your continued support of this little blog. We spent the majority of our week all over Las Vegas at coffee shops and restaurants downtown and finally somewhere close to home, The Mothership! 

When I first started this blog I also wanted to show a different side to Vegas besides the neon lights and touristy things to do on the Strip. And much like other major cities we love our coffee, how else do you survive a city that never sleeps? Mothership Coffee Roasters happened to be open while Peter was here and we decided to check it out.

They are the sister shop of Sunrise Coffee which has a killer Nutella Latte by the way but focus more on the pastry side of things. With a simplified coffee menu all your attention can focus on the baked goods. They serve fresh farm to table pastries baked daily and the Peach Oat Crumble Pie has been my favorite so far. They source ingredients from the local farmers market and as close to home as possible. I can't wait to try their Nitrogren Brewed Coffee the next time I stop by.  

I love being in little shops like these, they feel cozy and personal and I feel lucky to have one close to home. So if you're ever in town and have a desperate craving for baked goods visit:  

Mothership Coffee Roasters 
2708 N Green Valley Pkwy Henderson, NV

If you'd like to see more personal snaps of the place you can see them on my Instagram!

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