wednesday round up

A curation of pretty things I can't seem to ignore:

The cutest lapel pin by Adam J. Kurtz that I can imagine wearing on any blazer or denim jacket. Reminds me of Peter and how writing personal letters has been one of my favorite parts about being in a long distance relationship. Forever stamps for the win!

I will walk into this store just to smell this wonderful perfume. It's the perfect unisex sent that has hints of lavender and sandalwood and is overall a pleasant scent that isn't too overwhelming when I want to smell like a boy.

I can never say no to a simple basic top that has a hint of detail, especially if its yellow. This top is perfect for the weather transition right now since some weeks it feels like Fall and other weeks Summer.

Too excited that this little baby was invented! I've had the Fujifilm Instax camera for years now and I must admit film is not the cheapest thing so having this device to print memories from your phone helps in that department. You don't have to waste as much film on shots you won't keep and its perfect as a give away if you'd like to have more then one copy. 

The photo doesn't do this hat justice. I first saw this beauty on Rachel of That's Chic youtube channel in one of her spring videos and instantly fell in love with how intense the color was. On video it seemed to be more of a coral color then the rust in the photo above and finished off her outfit perfectly. 

I've been on the hunt for a crossbody bag that was the perfect size. As much as I love my other bags sometimes I just want to take the essentials with me without the added shoulder pain. This bag can elevate any outfit because of its gold color and silhouette. I can picture myself wearing this with a striped tee and jeans or a fit and flare in heels. 


*hello lovely pair of eyes please give credit where credit is due. all content & photography belong to denny noelle unless stated otherwise.