tiny spruces spring 15'

As much as Spring is for cleaning, I also consider it the season of "sprucing" up my wardrobe, state of mind, and home decor. Just to add a fresh touch and be inspired for the new season minus the allergies.  I also love how I didn't have to break the bank for each of these items because they were $20 or less but add a huge impact to adding life to normal day things such as a reading or drinking a cup of earl grey tea. 

Whoever said print was dying obviously hasn't read an issue of Darling Magazine. It's my go to publication to feel inspired, rejuvenated, and just plain happy. Even if you don't like to read the photography, recipes, and diy projects are amazing and fun to look at. This Spring issue also features one of my favorite youtubers Ingrid Nilsen!  

I've really been loving the focus on indigo this season which is probably why I was drawn to this beautiful cup & saucer. I love how there's a message of LOVE at the bottom of each drink and how its too pretty just to sit in a cupboard but can look just as lovely on my sidetable. Its also the season of farmers markets which means tons and tons of berries and stained lips. The farmers market basket kind of tricked me into eating more fruit because of how cute it is! 

I don't think monogrammed things will ever die, who doesn't love the first letter of their name. Its an easy way to make things personal especially a gallery wall or in my case a blank space in my entry way. It was the perfect size and the material just adds texture to boring walls.  You can use single letters or spell out words like "sweet", "bird", and "someday".  I hope this post inspires you to focus on the little things for spring and make every day routines a little more special. 


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