sips & tips: a gal in her 20's

photography by: abigail c.
Shirt Hat

I must admit, being in my 20's has been somewhat difficult when you feel like a baby adult trying to figure out whats next after college. Pressure and expectations certainly don't help either when you're building a career for yourself and it seems too daunting. Some people get it right away and some like myself felt stuck for awhile. I've always had an idea of where I wanted to go but just never knew how to start until I pushed myself to follow my dreams. I'm a month away from turning 23 and have learned a few tips since I was 20 that I thought I'd share because I wish someone would have told me these things sooner, but you live and you learn anyway. 

 write it down
As a simple as it seems, not many people do it. I started carrying a moleskin with me everywhere so I'd have a place to put my thoughts when projects and deadlines seemed too overwhelming. It helped me to clear my mind and made things feels concrete. Once I was done I would cross it out and feel accomplished. My moleskin is filled with goals, to-do lists, pressed flowers, inspirations, plans of attack, and doodles for when I'm bored. Trust me it helps. I freak out a bit if I ever leave my moley at home because that's when ideas usually strike, but thank goodness for notes on my phone as a back up. I've gone through 4 of them so far and kept every one to look back on when I'm not quite feeling like myself and want to revisit my thought process.

step outside
I love staying at home, its comforting, weebo's home (my akita/bear), and I can watch HGTV all day long, but that isn't always a positive. Sometimes home can be the stressful place where you feel clutter and uninspired so I encourage you to step outside. Take in fresh air and go to a place you feel relaxed and focused. For me that's any coffee shop. No matter the noise or how many people are there I just feel in the zone and happy. Its also kind of motivating seeing other people working on their own things hogging all the wifi plus you smell like coffee when you leave. 

grow everyday
You have 24 hours every day to do something for yourself and your career. No matter how small or big, everything counts. I think a lot of us have the misunderstanding of being inspired. Like those are the only times you can work or feel like working, but real progress comes from working on the days that you don't feel inspired. If you're able to get through that then you can get through anything. Inspired days are just a bonus. 

support your support
When I felt stuck and in doubt, having people close to my heart push me to do my best and encourage me was everything. Especially when I would constantly second guess myself and bug them asking for their feedback and suggestions on things I was designing. Keep these kinds of people forever and do the same in return for them whenever they need your support. Success is great and all, but if  you don't have anyone to share it with then what's the point? 

live a full life
Life is short. It really is and we're reminded of that everyday. So do the things you love, venture out of your comfort zone, and if anything be honest with yourself. If you don't like your life change it for the better. If you love someone, confess and show it with all your heart. If  you want to eat that blueberry donut, eat it. Follow your heart and make the most of each moment you're given because none of us know how many of those we'll have.


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