New Year, New Shoes | Style

Today Peter and I took a day trip to Sacramento for a special choir gathering I needed to attend and made the most of the few hours we had to explore downtown before heading home. We had brunch at this cute spot called Cafeteria 15L and also stopped for coffee at The Mill which I've spoken about in previous posts. Let's just say today was everything I needed and more. It was a reminder of faith, a rejuvenation for my heart, and a great way to start the year.

Hey 2018 ! | Diary

Hey 2018! So glad you're here, never thought 2017 would end yet it passed by so quickly. I think I had enough of fresh starts for one year..ya know moving to a new city, a new job, new friends, new everything. So I'm happy to say I feel like I'm in a good place. I feel ready to get back to this blog and my illustrations and really do something of importance, at least to me this year. But for once I don't have any resolutions that I'm pressuring myself into other than to have more self care which I think everyone should do more of. Especially the things that make you feel extra special and content with the life you're living. So I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and see you realllll soooonn!


I'm sitting by the window listening to the sound of rain on our rooftop and it sounds wonderful. 

Settle | Diary

Can the whole month be a favorite? If so that’s what October was for me. It started with a trip to San Francisco, celebrated our 1st year anniversary, regained inspiration, decorated our apartment (which is still a work in progress), and started a new job.

If theres such a thing as a feeling of relief in settling into yourself I definitely felt that more than once this month. Coming to terms with our routine as husband and wife and what I want to work towards. Also accepting the things I cannot change and working on the things I can. It’s these kind of feelings that change with the season.

Quite often in our car rides home I ask Peter, “is this really our life?” Because I’m thankful for the blessings and struggles we have. In the end they both have a positive effect on me. Not that I’m the most positive person, but I pray to be.

Goodbye October, hello November!


Happy Heart | Diary

If you find the thing that makes your heart happy I think you should keep doing it (unless its something illegal/bad) haha you know what I mean. And for a while it was this blog for me and after my longggg break I'm happy to be back with a better perspective. I'm surrounded by inspiring people who have found that "thing" and it keeps me going. I want to share more on decorating our loft, illustrations, film photos, and things I genuinely love. If this is something that sounds good to you then feel free to stay for a while..

At A Slower Pace | Diary

I guess when you get older you learn to take things at a slower pace, you learn to cherish moments and relationships more (especially with your parents), and you learn to accept the timing of your life. However slow I may be going creatively I still have that hope that I'm getting somewhere. I took my thoughts back to paper, glue and tape instead of copy and paste, and painted with an actual brush that didn't require a mouse. It felt nice to get away from the pressures of social media but I also found myself missing sharing the things and places I loved and being a part of a community that did the same. So I'm here to find that middle ground and give myself another chance to document the adventures of Denny & Peter, decorating our home sweet loft, and whatever my artsy fartsy heart thinks is worthwhile to publish. See you around!


*hello lovely pair of eyes please give credit where credit is due. all content & photography belong to denny noelle unless stated otherwise.