July Faves | Style

Hi hi! I'm back with another favorites for July. The past months have gone by so quickly and we've officially moved into our first apartment! That has been the highlight of my summer so far and I'm so excited to get to decorating, but I'll save that for another post.

A Day In San Francisco | Places

San Francisco holds a special place in my heart. Not just because I was born there but because it was always my dream to live in an overpriced apartment with a bay window while attending art school, and just live that city life. Although I never got to fulfill that dream, after all these years the city still has that magic that I saw when I was a kid. And it kind of makes sense that San Francisco plays a big role in my style and design aesthetic. No wonder. 

Mini Anthropologie Haul | Style

There's absolutely nothing I love more than cute homeware from my favorite store Anthropologie and trying new products to better my skin.  I popped into my old store the other day and it was just filled with lovely things as always. Do you guys ever get that feeling where you get tired of everything you see in stores? Or it all just looks the same and nothing catches your eye? I get that feeling often and when I do I know its time to head back into Anthro for some inspiration.

I had been eyeing this Yesteryear Mug for a little while on the app and it actually looks quite tiny online. To my surprise it's actually not and bigger than most mugs I already have! it comes in two other cute patterns/colors but this one was my favorite. I tend to stay away from mugs with gold foil in fear of them exploding in the microwave, but I realized I never microwave my drinks lol so its all good to have this one. Just make sure you check the bottom for care instructions!

Eat | Places

Hello internet! I know it's been awhile not that anyone noticed, but April was just full of well, life. So many changes in a matter of days such as my brother moving out of country, me leaving my job at Anthropologie, and also leaving Las Vegas quite soon to head back to Fresno. Our plans for us to both transfer back here didn't work out as we thought it would, but there's always hope for next year. Anyway I couldn't leave Las Vegas without sharing my fave brunch place downtown. It's called Eat, yes Eat there! On the corner of 7th and Carson it's a tiny place well worth paying to park for (always bring quarters).

Denny The Artist | Art

This morning I sat in the sunlight with a paint brush in hand thinking what should I make today? I've been illustrating different styles of patterns with different mediums trying to find what I like to call my "jam", niche, etc.... really just trying to find ME as an artist.  It's hard to be surrounded by so many people who have found their calling, yet it's still an inspiration for me to find mine. Silly of me it's been there all along. I just couldn't see it. It came so naturally to me I didn't think anything of it other than something I enjoyed. And that's illustrating my personal style. I immediately grabbed my Madewell accessories and started doodling away. I sat there smiling like a fool thinking about how easy that was, how content I felt with these tiny watercolored things, and how in my own way that was how I could keep something forever. I looked back on my past illustrations and almost wanted to yell at myself for all the times I couldn't figure it out. "It" meaning what I was good at illustrating. like I said it was there all along. A way I could combine all the things I loved onto one piece of paper.

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